First-class testing & documentation

A developer-focused platform designed to make setup, administration, and maintenance easy.

Test mode

A local environment that works the same as production.

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Userfront has tutorials, examples, a guide, and API docs.

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Test mode built in.

Test mode

Build locally using the same tools as production, but with test data. Know that your deploys will succeed because they've been tested.

Test mode in your dashboard

View your test users, tenants, and roles from your dashboard by toggling to view test data.

Userfront test mode

Test mode on your site

Your signup form, login form, and other tools will automatically work in test mode when you use them anywhere other than your live domain.

Docs, examples, and more

Userfront is more than just an auth platform -- it's designed to help developers move quickly, understand each step, and implement auth correctly and securely.


High-level information about the Userfront platform, including how to perform various tasks in the dashboard.

Visit the guide
Demo app

Demo application that implements signup, login, password reset, and logout, complete with source code.

See the demo app

A quickstart that allows you to install signup, login, password reset, and logout with HTML, React, Vue, or Angular.

Quickstart examples

Step-by-step instructions integrated directly into the dashboard; Follow along to perform various tasks.

Dashboard tutorials

API for deeper integration

A well-documented JSON API with RESTful endpoints

See the API docs


Add user records to stay current.


Set and update what users can do.


Record and visualize custom user actions.


Provided automatically by the auth toolkit.

Build with confidence

Userfront gives you everything you need to test and deploy quickly, while still understanding the auth process under the hood.