Auth without complexity.

Userfront gives you secure, pre-configured authentication & authorization that stays up to date automatically.

We focus on direct setup and quality documentation to make the internet more secure.

Fast & full-featured

Manage users, tokens, access, and more from your dashboard. Get up and running quickly.

authorization multi-tenancy
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Secure by default

Proper security practices that stay up to date automatically, with no action required by you.

Security Oauth Tokens
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Test mode

Avoid surprises by building with the same infrastructure across both local and production environments.

Testing Staging Docs
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Simple to start

Add your auth components anywhere.

Snippets for signup, login, password reset, and more. Example

Admin dashboard, fit for teams

Manage users, tenants, authorization and more, all in one place. Whether it's editing records, viewing recent activity, analyzing trends, or messaging users, the dashboard has you covered.

Stay on the same page with your team, and perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

Try the dashboard
Userfront dashboard

Secured by the latest standards

There are dozens of auth protocols and token exchange flows, with more added every year. Userfront gives you the best now and keeps you covered over time.

Best practices out of the box

Enterprise-grade RSA tokens, secure exchange and refresh, encryption at rest, properly configured cookies, forced SSL, and more.

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Stay up to date, automatically

As browsers, standards, and threat models change, Userfront automatically updates you to keep your data and protocols secure.

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Built with testing in mind

Test mode lets you use the same tools locally as you do in production. Make changes and updates against your test environment, then deploy with consistency.

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Security, not complexity.

Userfront removes complexity from auth while keeping your app secure. Focus on your core strengths without sacrificing quality or maintainability.

Userfront works with any technology